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Is there a way to reference all data (including notes and/or comments) from a cell on one sheet to a cell on another sheet.  For example, on Sheet1, Cell A1 includes data and a note.  If I use something like '=Sheet1!$A$1' I get the content, but not the note or comment.  Is there any way to also include the note when referencing a cell?

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That's just not the purpose of notes or comments attached to a cell.In fact, the whole idea behind those is that they be attached to the cell (or the area) where they are, that they provide background or explanation of the data in the cell or the region of the spreadsheet. If you want them to be part of the data, then make them part of the data, using an adjacent column or two.


So I'd say if that's what you want to be able to do, re-think the design of the workflow or the data set so that those notes or comments are in fact a part of the data.