RAG Status help

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Let's say for a budget cell a1 has the actual figure, cell b1 has the budget figure, and cell c1 has the variance figure.


In d1 i need a RAG status whereby if the actual figure is over 10% of the budget it will be a red icon, 5-10% yellow, and less than 5% is green. 


And lastly if the actual figure is less than the budget it is automatically green. Can i do conditional formatting for this? Thanks for any help



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In the screenshot, the formula in D2 is =C2, so that it contains the same percentage.

A conditional formatting rule hides the value and displays a red/amber/green stoplight icon.



Thanks for your reply, this is a good method.
What if the variance number in C had to be a number variance and not a percentage?


If C2 contains the formula =A2-B2, change the formula in D2 to =C2/B2.

The rest remains the same.