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Hi there! I am in a situation wherein I have created an excel file with approximately 50 queries(with data connection to 4 different folders). The problem is, I tried to zip this file, and sent it to my colleague(he's the one who is going to use it). Unfortunately, the following error pops up in his system.




I use Excel 365 whereas my colleague uses Excel 2016. Tried checking for compatibility issues, couldnt find any. Request all users to help on this!!Please!!

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That's not an error, that's the warning which says PQ was on more modern version of it. It appears on different versions of 365 as well if PQ was created on newest build.

Just Close it and continue to work. However, there is some probability that incompatibility errors with 2016 could appear, but that will be errors within concrete queries. If any.

Thanks for replying Sergei, the problem here being that the queries ae not refreshing because of this particular warning. I am getting a "failed to refresh data range error" for all the queries.

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Warning itself only says you may have errors (and you have it) due to incompatibility, that's not the source of the error. You need to check on 2016 concrete quires to see there the errors are. 

Thanks Sergie, I checked the queries in the power querie window and found an error with a particular command(int64.type in index column) which was creating an error. Thanks for the help!


Yes, 4th explicit parameter in Table.AddIndexColumn was added about an year ago and it is not supported by previous versions of Power Query. That's one of compatibility issues.


If you work with people who are on outdated Power Query you may manually remove this 4th parameter in formula bar, it's optional. Bit annoying, but the only other variant if your users will do the same on their machines.


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