Pulling data from another sheet based on criteria

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Hi all


I’m trying to set up an Excel sheet that will pull data from one sheet to another based on Criteria.


How we currently have it set up is with a Summary that contains all the info then sheets that condense. I’m trying to pull a name from a cell (A2) if the cell in (L2) says laptop. So A2 will be the name of a person and the cell L2 has their kit requirements.


If you need any more info please ask


thanks all

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=INDEX(Summary!$A$2:$A$21,MATCH('condense sheet'!B3,Summary!$L$2:$L$21,0))

You can try this formula for the data layout of the example.

condense sheet.JPGsummary.JPG 


When I have typed this out it is just returning a value of 0


Any ideas?