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Does anyone have a suggestion for a template to show Profit/Loss?


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@JoeJetDotNet Yes. However, more information is needed in order to provide an appropriate response. What is the source of your financial data? Are you using a bookkeeping platform such as Xero or QBO (Quickbooks Online)? If so, there are various add-ins available that can pull data directly into Excel (Scott's Add-Ins is a great option for this). If not, do you intend to build a Profit & Loss statement by exporting / importing monthly Trial Balance reports from your accounting system to Excel? Or is it your intention to build your own "General Ledger" worksheet for data entry in Excel, then generate the report on another sheet?


This might be a place to start. Here's a few:



Thanks for the reply. I just need a simple P/L monthly form to show items and make a report for various agencies as needed. I usually use Lotus 123 but also need to be using my MS365 platform.

Where do I find that form? Thanks.

@JoeJetDotNet So you just want a pre-designed template with a nice layout? If so, the suggestion made by @Patrick2788 will probably suffice. Templates can be found by going to File > More templates (found on the right-hand side of the screen), then type "profit and loss" in the search bar.

Go to the File menu and select 'New'. You may search for templates in the screen that comes up.