Production cost calculator with variable price depending on quantity

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I am currently studying logistics. I recently got a project to create a production calculator. It is supposed to work on the principle that:
-The factory can produce up to 9 batches of the product.
-Until the fifth batch, each subsequent batch is 10% cheaper to produce.
-6 to 9 batches are 50% cheaper to produce.

That is, the first product has a 10% lower cost of production. So when producing two products, the first products will have a 10% lower production cost and the second products will have a 20% lower production cost. 

I hope I have explained the situation in an understandable way. My problem is that I can't do it with Excel. I cannot correctly use the IF function to create this calculator.
So I am asking for help on how to do this because I have not found the answer anywhere else. Is it even possible in Excel?

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Share some sample data with us ,, help to understand the data format!!
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= IF(batch<6, 11 - batch, 5) / 10
It works!
Sorry for the delay, but I waited for the professor to review the project. The project went perfectly.
Thank you for your help, Rajesh-S too.