Problems copying & pasting into my Microsoft 365 Excel

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I am having a lot of problems with just copying and pasting tracking numbers into an Excel document I have created. 

I have contacted Support twice and they have assisted and the last assistance they uninstalled 365 and then reinstalled 365.  The problem appeared to be fixed but once I started to enter more data it has reverted back to the original issue.


I am copying tracking numbers from an existing account in Google so I highlight the text, Cntrl C.  Then I have moved to my spreadsheet and CntrlV and this is what I am getting 


when you hit enter it gives you a totally different number to what I copied which is 9205590264440440446880.  I have change the format to numbers & also general and that has not fixed the problem.  I have two cells that Microsoft support started for me so I copied that cell and pasted and then typed the number in manually.  When you hit enter you can see the number but the cell looks blank to look at.  I do not seem to have the paste values option when I paste.  It does seem to be there intermittently.


I am used to using Excel but I've never ever encountered a problem like this just do a simple copying and pasting task.


Can someone enlighten me on what my problem is and how to fix it as I need to get this document finished.


I am  on an HP Laptop using Windows 10.




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@Holly56 Curious what the source is (what are you copying from?) as you can't paste as values.  


Regardless, they should reward you for catching a bug that is resolved by disabling one of their new Beta Features:






Hi thanks for the message but it seems Microsoft still have not fixed the issue.  I ended up having to us a word table to complete the urgent task.  So as far as excel is concerned there is still an issue there.