Printing an Excel spreadsheet

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I have an 18 page spreadsheet, but when I go to print it out, it wants to print 133 pages of cells.  How do I correct that on my spreadsheet pages so that I won't have to go through all of that paper waste?  I am using the most current version of Excel from Microsoft 365 in Windows 10 Pro.


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If you do a Print Preview, it will show you how the pages are set up before you actually print. Depends on whether your 18 pages are all on one worksheet or on separate worksheets within the same workbook.

If they are on separate worksheets, you have do page setup for each worksheet, then Print Workbook.

Good Luck.  

Creo que debes configurar la página y el area de impresión correctamente: Arriba en Archivo, después la opción imprimir, abajo aparece configurar página. Puedes ajustar la orientación vertical u horizontal y además ajustar el tamaño ( una especie de zoom para imprimir la página ), normalmente con eso puedes solo imprimir las 18 páginas si los datos caben en ella.

@icar1udm Muchas gracias.  That worked quite well.

Thank you so much. It took me some time because all 18 pages were separate tabs. Your guidance really helped.


Glad to help.