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Hi everybody,


We're looking to make a power query template. 

We want to apply the same query to different sources. 

For example: in our projects we receive our data in excel files we need to analyze. 

Each excel file has the same columns (sometimes their is a slight change in the name of the column), however the number of columns is always the same.

In each project we need to be able to apply the same power query, with the same script to this data. 


How can we do this? And what pitfalls do we need to look out for? 


I'm pretty new to power query so sorry if I have overlooked something. ;)


Thanks for your help!

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You need to create the first Query to fix one File. Then Duplicate it and save it as a Function (to be available to run on any other file and redoing the same steps)

There are many YouTube tutorials for doing this, I recommend ExcelIsFun by Mike Girvin (Famous Excel MVP)

Here is an example


Hope that helps

Nabil Mourad