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I'm trying to download historical stock price data from Yahoo! Finance using the Power Query tool however, it only ever shows me the first 100 rows. Has anyone else encountered this problem and know how to sort it?

Link to sample here: https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/quote/CARR/history?period1=1467244800&period2=1625011200&interval=1d&fi...


OS is Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface Pro and running MS Office Professional Plus. 

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Yahoo loads 100 records on the page and the rest is uploaded by java script while you scrolling the page. Power Query loads only first static data. Afraid it's not possible to load with it dynamic data as well.



Taking a different approach you can get what you want, until Yahoo changes something...:
1 - Use URL like: "https://query1.finance.yahoo.com/v7/finance/chart/CARR?range=1y&interval=1d&indicators=quote&include..."
2 - Convert the binary as a Json

3 - Parse the Json - it's not a complex one :))

The most interesting part was to figure out that the timetamps are actually Unix sec. since Jan 1st 1970


Sample attached with function ParseYahooFinanceBin that does 2 & 3
Before any question :)) please read the comments in the 2 ex. queries and the function


EDIT: Forgot to say that the approach is avail. here


Alternatively with Excel 365:



@Lorenzo Unfortunately the excel stock history function returns prices that are not adjusted for dividends/distributions - so you can't use it to calculate historical performance for any instrument that has any kind of distribution