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I'm using MS Office Home & student 2019. I want to transform the data from my current workbook. I open the Power Query editor as a Blank query and while typing the function "Excel.CurrentWorkbook" in the formula bar, the functions don't show up as I type. Instead, I have to type it manually keeping in mind it's case sensitive. Once I type the function, it will ask to Invoke parameters and then it gets the data from the current workbook. 


Can anybody please help me with resolving this issue? 

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Is that option enabled


and do you type with "=" sign?


@Sergei Baklan 


Hi Sergei,

Thank you for responding to my query.

The option to enable the "M intellisense" is missing in my Excel query options. I have attached the screenshot.
I did start the formula with "=" operator, but still no changes.


Thank you.



If intellisense is missing when it's nothing to do with that. Sorry, I don't know shall it be available for 2019 or not and on which versions.

@Sergei Baklan 


I have attached the screenshot of my Excel version. If anybody can clarify if it is specific to the version or some options that must be enabled, would be a great help. I couldn't find much from other sources regarding this issue.


Thank you

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@Sergei Baklan 


I guess it's an Excel version issue after checking with two other systems with Office 365.


It is just mind-boggling that, I have a power query but to get just formulas automatically loaded while typing, I have to change the Excel version.


Thank you for providing a quick input on my query.


Yes, all latest functionality is on 365, better to use it. You are welcome.

power query.pngas you see Mr Sergi i don't have formula part! what i do ?