Positioning a Value in a Kardex Table

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Dear All,


Please, I have a Kardex Table like this:


and I want visualizing a Value (ID of Task) in the cells respect the status (First Column) and Lifetime (1 to 30).

I have a table of value in another Excel Sheet (ID, Phase, Lifetime).

How I could visualizing?

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a sample sheet might help us to understand. On another sheet you have the ID, Phase, and Lifetime but what do those mean in terms on what you need? In the picture you included what are the green, yellow and Red areas? i search Kardex Table and didn't find any quick answers either.

Hi @mtarler,


Yes, exactly. In the same Excel, I have a sheet as:


ID Numeber            Detailed Status              Life Time (Days)

AAA                         Initial                              3

BBB                          Initial                              1

CCC                         On Going                        15



I would like to positioning the value AAA, BBB, CCC.... in the Matrix Y=Detailed Status and X=Time (Days)


Thank you so much,



I'm sorry I'm still really unclear what you want and if you are looking for a technical answer (i.e. how to get a certain formula to work) vs. a more general suggestion (i.e. suggestion on how to set up the sheet for you presentation).
What I think you are trying to do is create some visual output based on various 'Detailed Status' conditions where each ID may have different 'Life Time' values. So in the latest response you show 'Initial' has both AAA and BBB with Life Times of 3 and 1 respectively. So going back to the 1st post are those 6 items listed in column A the 'Detailed Status'? Are the Red, Yellow and Green something specific or just an idea of how you want something over there to show corresponding 'Life Time'? For example in the reply you have IDs like AAA, BBB, CCC, ... so are IDs unique and not repeat? or do you have AAA listed again with a different Detailed Status and Life Time? Does the green in the 1st represent all the AAA listed or a mix of IDs?