Plotting a single point on 'scatter-type' graph

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Hi everyone,

I am pulling my hair out here with something that seems like it should be very simple!

I have one set of data:
Name and Oxygen level for 12 people

The client wants this plotted onto a scatter-type graph along with showing the desirable O2 range.

I want the data (O2 levels) along the X and names along the Y.

When I create this in Excel, it suggests a bar graph but I just want to plot a single point (like a scatter). I know for a true scatter you need a two data point for correlation but is there a way to just plot single points on excel agains names? Does this make any sense?!!

Thanks SO SO much in advance

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@emmajayne Perhaps the attached file can give some inspiration. The first graph is a stacked bar chart, where the first series holds the "real" measurement and a second series with small values that act as markers. Set the format of the first series to "no fill" and you are left with a small square directly outside the "real" measurement.


Easier would be to allow the names to be on the horizontal axis. Choose a line chart with markers and "no line" as the line format.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 14.08.26.png