Please assist w/ how to copy and paste multiple cells to another workbook

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Im struggling with how to copy and paste a group of multiple cells selected to another workbook.

I would like to select a series of rows with reconciliation data (time date username gross/net data) to another workbook. Ive currently coped a 24 hr series of transactions but now only need from 12am-5pm pst transactions and then from 5pm-11:59pm to a different worksheet. 

I select the ctrl tab while using the left click mouse and Im able to copy the group of cells, and I've tried the common functions to move all to no avail! 

Would love some input here please! xx


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I see many views all with no replies and no likes lol Im thinking this is far more difficult than I was hoping for!

@Kittie007 What exactly and how are you trying to copy and paste? Can you upload and example file?


Ok Riny thank you for reaching out to assist me! I trulu appreciate your help!

Ok so Ive copied a tiny portion of the actual document.

Im trying to copy and paste all cells from the PST of 12am-5pm but when I highlight the cells and right click to paste or even cntrl c a pop window appears saying we cant copy multiple cells.

hummmm this looks like I didnt save it as a workbook so you can view the doc in EXCEL Spreadsheet!

@Kittie007 Don't know what you mean by PST. And the data you are trying to copy is in A37:E147. Correct? If not, indicate which cells you select, copy and paste. Can you make a screen shot of the error message and upload it as well?

Pacific Standard Time Zone PST and correct. I did this correct yayy!
Ok error code coming next


See how it says ""this action wont work on multiple selections or sections""

Out of sheer urgency with tons of work ahead of me I did figure out a remedial way to execute the correct transfer. Just how this info was copied and pasted to EXCEL, I went back to step 1 copied the entire sheet, transferred it into WORD with the correct formatting. I simply selected the time frame from start to stop and pasted it back into EXCEL. Granted this is triple the amount of work for me......but I cant afford to stop lol 


Im hopeful you can figure this fundamental out for me Riny! Come on Riny!! 

@Kittie007 But you still haven't explained what exactly you are copying and pasting. Going from Excel to Word and back doesn't seem to best way, indeed. And, I would like to see the error message. Not just the text. Can't remember that I have ever seen it.

MS WORD Riny help 12072021.jpg


I Using the cntrl and left mouse keys, I hold and drag to copy the entire contents of the sheet. Normally with this function, one is able to copy and paste the selected fields of content, only, this feature doesnt work. 

Oh my ok I thought the file uploaded. I will try again. 

HERE we go Riny , I had to save the screenshot as an acceptable  format

@Kittie007 On a Mac right now, but it's similar on Windows.

This you can select and copy:

Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 17.57.52.png


This you can't:

Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 17.57.25.png


Thank you so much for trying. I tried this method and am still getting the same error code. This is going to drive me bonkers until I can figure this out!
Again I really appreciate your time and energy you put into assisting me!