PivotChart (line plot): date in x-axis not continuously and evenly distributed

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Hi All:

I would like to use the timeslicer to link multiple pivot charts. However, I found Excel's line plot will make the date in the x-axis not evenly distributed evenly. The gap when the machine not running is not reflected in the pivot chart (line plot with marker), Figure1, compare to the regular XY scatter plot, Figure2.


However, I didn't see the same problem when using Power BI, Figure 3. 


Can anyone help to see if there is a way to make the Excel line plot in Pivotchart show all dates continuously and evenly distributed?  Thank you. 



Figure 1



Figure 2


Figure 3


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Unfortunately, this is a (rather irritating) limitation of pivot charts with a date axis - it plots the values from the pivot field "as is".

(You may have noted that it is not possible to create an XY Scatter chart from a pivot table, so that is not a solution either).


Workaround: create your own (non-pivot) source table, using for example SUMIF/SUMIFS/COUNTIF/COUNTIFS formulas.

I am curious why Power BI is able to trick line plots similar to xy scatter plots. thank you