Pivot tables and duplicate data

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Goal: When I create a pivot table I select to know which location and what has not been signed. The idea is to have the pivot table show me how many unsigned contracts a location has.


The issue: The orders in the spreedsheet show in more than one line as their products are listed out per row, this makes the pivot table think there are way more unsigned orders that there actually are. If you check the practice excel sheet, I attached, you'll see what I mean.


I don't think what I want to do is possible, as I cannot change how the orders are listed out since the excel sheet is created from a software program we use that shows us around 800 rows of results. So I figured I'd check with this community of bright minded individuals to see if there was so kind of way.

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Oh wow, it is possible. Thanks Detlef, I just learnt a great new feature in excel.