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I'm trying to use a Pivot table to match similar or exact names between column A and column B. This is a simple comparison between A and B to display matching  names.


TY, GMoses34

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This doesn't sound like any task I've ever seen associated with the Pivot Table. Perhaps you could spell out a bit more what you have in mind. Also the matching of "similar or exact" needs more definition. "Exact match" is clear enough; how similar would be similar enough to be counted as a match--that's an altogether different matter. So perhaps you could make that less fuzzy. Are we talking different spellings of "John", with or without middle initials, initials only in some cases, etc?


And you'd also be more likely to get a response if you could give a preview of the actual data, or a facsimile without the real names if what you're working with is a database (two databases?) of real people. Post that on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link here that grants access.