Pivot table won't refresh after Data Refresh

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I have a pivot table based on a data model and when I Data -> Refresh All the data updates but the pivot table doesn't refresh.  When I right-click on the Pivot table and press Refresh it also doesn't update the data.  Its only when I change a filter and then change it back again that the data refreshes.  I am on Office365 v2110 (Build 14527.20234).  This has just recently started happening so not sure if there is an update to Excel that has caused this to occur.  Any suggestions welcome.Pivot table Refresh, Excel

Cheers, Ruth

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We have the same problem. The pivot tables won't refresh after we select "Refresh All". Only after we  have made some changes to the filters will the pivot tables update their data. It happens only recently for some of our users using Excel 2016 64 bit. If someone can answer that, it would be highly appreciated.

@Yuklanl I have found that changing a filter on the pivot table and then changing it back refreshes the data.  Microsoft have advised to load an earlier version of Excel and check if that resolves the issue, then we will know its an issue with the latest update.  So doing that today and will post the result.


We have tracked the last build where this was working is September 14 Version 2108 (Build 14326.20404).

@RuthS1968  Our IT guy said he found an error on the set up of our reporting server that might have caused the problem for some of our users. Seems the affected users can refresh ok now since last night's fix. We haven't rolled back our Excel upgrade for testing. We are at version 2110 build 14527.20234

@Yuklanl. We would love to know what fix he applied as when we tested the latest build (v2110 build 14527.20276) yesterday we had the issue still. Could he possibly post on here or email me ruths@framecad.com? Thanks in advance.
@Yuklanl. We are keen to know what fix he applied to the reporting server as we tried on the latest build (version 2110 Build14527.20276 ) and still had issues. Is he able to post on here what he did. Thanking you in advance.
Our IT guy response: the networking subnet mask on the server was wrong. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the issue they are experiencing in the forum. This was a configuration mishap on my part.
@Yuklanl. Ok thank you. I have logged the issue with Microsoft so will post the outcome once they resolve.

We tested the latest release of Microsoft 365 – Version 2111 (Build 14701.20226) and the issue is now resolved.

I'm having this problem now with Office 365 v2202 (Build 14931.20274). My model ran yesterday, but not today.  It seems to be a different problem as my data model is not loading.  I will submit a separate question.