pivot table problem

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I have a pivot table that is not showing all of the data I've entered. I also have one row showing a "0" and another row showing a "(blank)". I've refreshed the pivot table, but still nothing's changed. 

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Hi @HHengler,


Either extra rows with empty data has been selected from the source for the Pivot, or some column contains such data hence 0 or blanks are appearing.


Suggest to check if the correct data is mapped using the [PivotTable Analyze > Change Data Source] button. If not, update the mapping accordingly.


Also, it's a good practice to format the source data as a Table (List) using [Insert > Table] (Ctrl + L) option so that any new row added will automatically be selected in the Pivot and you won't have to keep on changing the source data.


If still facing challenges, suggest attaching the screenshots after masking the confidential information.


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