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I am looking to mirror a pivot table I see for a project. When I look at the example pivot table, they have one field in the Value are and the rest of the fields are placed in the Row quadrant. They get something that looks like a complete square pivot table. I mirror exactly as they have their fields filled out and yet I only create half of the pivot table they have displayed. Can anybody inform me what I may possibly be doing different of incorrectly? As mentioned, looking at the quadrants to place your fields mine exactly mirrors the example pivot table but I do not create the same table. I will attach a mock image for example. Any guidance is very much appreciated. Please keep in mind the image is just an example and the fields are as follows. Sum of data is in values. Then the remaining fields are in rows. For some reason my pivot table only takes up two columns. But in the pivot table I'm trying to create a reflection of their table takes up four columns despite having the same fields filled in as me. Pivot Example.png

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@rwill11 Click any cell inside the Pivot Table. Now, on the "Design" ribbon, set the Report Layout to Tabular and Subtotals, Don't show.

Thank you so much!