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I would like to know why the text color of the pivot table fields change to white and how do I change it back to black.  It is very difficult to see.




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Looks like a bug. You may try to update Office.

@Sergei Baklan 

According to my Office software I am current with all Office updates.


@Garth2039 I have this white-font issue as well, but I started seeing it a few weeks ago.


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a solution to this yet.

@Garth2039 Just happened to me today, 12/29/21.  Hopefully they will push out an update to fix soon.

I did find a work around, I had my theme set to dark gray when the font suddenly change to white on gray in the fields, if you choose any other theme, there is a nice contrast. Not a total win since I prefer the dark gray but at least I can see my field now.
Thanks for the info. I will make the change you describe. Like you I prefer the dark grey theme but I would prefer to to be able to see the text.

This is a problem for our analysts. Dark Gray is great for their eyes, but they work in pivot tables ALOT and would prefer not to change their office theme just for Excel pivot tables. It almost seems like this was just an "oversight" in the development of the new theme. The other font is black and very readable. Microsoft - please roll out a fix!! For the sake of the sanity of our analysts. ;)


That is Dark Gray in my case


On which channel and build you are?

@Sergei Baklan That Dark Gray looks nice.  Ours has white font in the 4 quadrant dimensional panels under the field list.  (I lost the screenshot - but it was identical to the one seen at the top of this topic.


Monthly Enterprise Channel

Version 2111 (Build 14701.20290 Click-to-Run)


I see, thank you. I'm on Current Preview, thus later builds.


Not exactly the same but similar issue was discussed here Re: Excel theme black and font list - Microsoft Tech Community, it disappeared with build 14729.20038. Hope your one will be resolved with nearest update(s).


In any case, I'd recommend to report an issue from Help->Feedback within Excel. Don't expect an answer, but Microsoft monitors such feedbacks and takes proper actions.

Just checked after doing updates and the dark gray theme has the black lettering back on the pivot tables now!! Woo hoo!
I just checked today after doing updates, and dark gray is fixed back to a black font!


Great to know, thank for sharing