Pivot table displays only month of full date - can't display year.

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Hi.  I have created a pivot table from a data set.  One of the fields in the data set is a date field (and I've checked, Excel is recognising it as a date in the format mm/dd/yyyy).  However, when I add this field to the rows of my pivot table, it only displays the month in text format (ie, "Feb"), and then creates a separate column with the year.  I'm trying to get it to display the full date in the pivot table in a single column, not split.


Please help?

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right-click on a month or date and select "Ungroup".


So simple, thank you so much!

@Detlef Lewin 

Should have looked here before I wasted an hour on this.  Thanks

I've been fighting this for quite some time --- thank you for giving clarification!



It helped me too tried n number of stuff

@Catherine Klopper Thanks for asking the question.  I was heading down to hour wasted rabbit hole and was saved by the answer to your questions.

@Catherine Klopper  Thank you for the help on this issue!

@Detlef Lewin 


Best and simplest solution ever. I have wrestled with this for a while and wondered why Microsoft would change the previous default format displays. Seems so counter intuitive.