Pivot Table deleting selective data

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I have never attempted to use Pivot Tables before this, so maybe what I am trying is out of the realm of what I should be doing but here is the idea: I am attempting to have a different Pivot Table for each month, each pulling from the same data source. This is to keep track of installs on a monthly basis. I made a practice sheet with tab of fake data and a separate tab for the Pivot Tables. Once I first set the filter on each table using the "between" filter and using 6/1/2020 to 6/30/2020 for the label range, it separates the data perfect the way I want. I duplicated the table and repeated the process changing the range for July, June, and September. Everything is looking good at this point so I save it and reopen the whole sheet. I can visually see June and September lose the data while July and August are unaffected. I have tried changing the formatting of my data to a table, this didn't help. I took off auto-refresh data upon sheet opening and that didn't help. Anyone have some ideas for me to try?

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@AnthonyJSHE , your end date is the 31st for June and September. They both have only 30 days. Try changing the last date in the filter to 6/30/2020 and 9/30/2020.

@TheAntony , I think that did the trick. Dang all the messing around I tried and it was right in front of me. Thank you for noticing that!

@AnthonyJSHE , you are welcome.

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