PERSONAL.XLSB won't load after launching Excel

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I created a new macro and saved it in the personal macro workbook. The personal.xlsb file was saved out to XLSTART folder. But when I launch Excel it does not load the personal macro file so I can't see it or run thing from it. If I open the personal.xlsb file first by just double clicking it will open up Excel and I can see the personal macros. Can't figure out why it does not load automatically when Excel is launched.

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Is it in the list of Disables Items perhaps? File, Options, add-ins tab, use drop-down near the bottom and select disabled items. Then click Go...

I solved the problem with a workaround. You can define a folder that contains files that will automatically open when you launch Excel. So I created a folder called EXCEL START and I put my personal.xlsb file in the folder and now it all works perfectly. I could never find out why it would not load from the normal location @tomrdillon1944 


So setup a folder loading go to Options/Advanced/General and fill in the file path for the folder you want to use  


Possibly a bad registry key.

Can you now still record macros into your personal macro workbook?

Your reply worked for me!!!!!

Thank You.