ParaMutuels for Golf Ouitngs

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   I have a question about formatting a ParaMutuel Spreadsheet for upcoming events and Member Guest Days.  I have no clue on how to starts. Can anyone offer some help or a template that they have that I can use. Thanks for your help..

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I know less than you do. I just entered pari mutuel betting golf into Google and got a bunch of links, some showing images of spreadsheets. So I'm quite sure that if you added "spreadsheet" to the end of that Google search, you'd come up with a range of choices.


That said, if you have a paper-based approach that works for you, post an image of it and somebody here could help you create your own custom template. You have to start somewhere, and if you do know how to manage this pari mutuel betting on paper, your own system would probably be a better place to start than taking somebody else's template.