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I don't know what happened, but somehow I lost my page tabs in my old excel 2007.  Also, I updated to windows 10, and downloaded windows 365, and am not having any luck even finding it.  I would like to convert this file with no page tabs into 365, and I am not coming up with t way to do this.


Any suggestions for both would be greatly appreciated!

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Here are some suggestions that might help you:

  • To restore page tabs in Excel 2007, you can try to show the sheet tabs by going to File > Options and set the tick of “Show sheet tabs” in the advanced tab. 
  • To convert an Excel 2007 file to Excel 365 (with Abo.), you can follow these steps:
    1. Sign into Portal with your Office 365 account>Click OneDrive>Click Next>Click Your OneDrive is ready.
    2. Download OneDrive for Business client.
    3. Open the OneDrive for Business client, then move the files to the OneDrive for Business folder, the files will be synced to OneDrive online.
    4. Sync the files on your new computer.
  • To unhide a worksheet in Excel, you can right-click on any visible tab and then click Unhide. In the Unhide dialog box, click the sheet you want to unhide and then click OK.


I hope this helps!