ow find duplicate rows In Excel and Export Rows to another sheet using vba

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How find duplicate Values In Excel and Export Rows to another sheet using vba. I had an excel sheet with multiple rows and column lets say from A to K. I need to find duplicate rows only if values in all the columns in a row are unique. And the script should ignore D,E,F columns even though those column's values are same. The script should also copy all those duplicate rows and should paste in a new excel file. Also attaching a sample image of input file. Can any one help me on this. Thanks in advance.


Note: I don't need unique rows I need only duplicate rows as an output and the output should also contain source duplicated row.i need output as 2 to 7 in this scenario(picture attached). the original file has 1lac rows like this. This attached one is just reference file

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You can use a scripting dictionary.  use the values and row or col id in your entry with pipe, split the pipes and populate the other table.  The find dups in excel should be faster.  However if you want to ensure unique values dictionary is the easy way to go.  Fill as you read the table populate as you go through.  Just worrying about the col/row thing could get pretty messy pretty quick.  The last few rows and cols will contain very little.


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