Out of Memory error while sorting data

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I have a laptop from a user in my company showing this error while attempting to sort large data pools in Excel:


"There isnt enough memory to complete this action. Try using less data or closing other applications. To increase memory availability consider using a 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel."


However, the machine in question already has a 64-bit installation of o365 (fully up to date) and the machine itself has 32gb of ram, an i7 processor, and over 200gb empty hard drive space. 


I attempted to run the same operation on my machine as well (a comparable / slightly newer laptop configuration) and encountered the same error. 


The data pool in question is roughly 200 rows by 5 columns containing information such as dates, hours, names, clients, etc. 


Thoughts, Community? 

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So are there any formula in the rest of the workbook referring to that table of data?


Also are there signs of corruption in the cell styles window?  There will be hundreds of different styles with odd names in this window