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Have a user who has Nuance Power PDF Advanced installed for PDF editing. Therefore she does not have any Adobe Acrobat programs installed. She received an Excel sheet with an embedded PDF file. When she tries to open the file it's looking for Adobe Acrobat Reader. How do I tell Excel to use Nuance to open it. Windows file association is set to Nuance and she can open PDF just fine regularly.


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Anders Jensen

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@AJ5506 I think you can save the PDF file from the Excel Sheet and open it out of Excel Sheet which should open the file without any issue.

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Anders, in addition - PDF is embedded into the object on creator site. If on creator PC default PDF reader is Acrobat, PDF will be embedded as Acrobat object and after that you can't open it by another PDF reader. Thus to open with Nuance you shall have Nuance as default application at the moment of creating the embedded PDF.

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Thank you.

@AshaKantaSharma  How can others access an Excel file I created with embedded pdf's? Does the folder of pdf's need to be on a shared drive because they can't access from my local drive? Seems like such a simple concept!?


This thread is full of half answers that don't truly find a solution. I encountered this today and found a true solution. The issue is that if a user uses the pre-selected object type, or if they choose the Create from File tab, it will embed it either as that selected type or as their default application for that file type, respectively. The solution to allow the receiver of the document to open the file with their default application is to scroll down on the Insert > Object > Create New list and choose Package. Click OK, then select your file on the next page. This will insert your file and allow the machine opening the embed to choose the application based on their default for that file type.


You'd think that would be the default for the Create from File section, but apparently not.