one set of excel files on shared folder opens slower (very) than others

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we have a set of excel files and the biggest one is only 1.35Mb. When we open these files they take longer than usual and longer than our liking to open. the files are stored in a QNAP NAS shared folder. The shared folder is mapped to several users.

We have tried opening these files with 4 users and its the same, it takes a while for the excel app to open, then shows the percentage of the file opening and then opens.

we are on M365 with Excel 2016 fully updated. These files are in the same folder and have been using the same template from 2014 and files are saved year wise, the opening very slow issue is with all these files. We have much larger excel files on different folders and we have no such issues, its just these set of files.

Any advise on what we can do to make it work normally?

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My knowledge in this area is very limited, but this has not prevented me from searching the global internet and finding a solution for you :)).
Oplock is probably activated ... that's how I read it on the internet :))


Oplock requests may cause file access delays


To work around this issue, you can disable CIFS oplock. To do so, perform the following procedure:

Impact of workaround: This command disables oplocks on the entire volume; therefore, no clients can use oplocks on files.

  1. Log in to the ARX CLI.
  2. Enable privileged mode by typing the following command:

  3. Enable global mode by typing the following command:

  4. Enable the namespace configuration mode using the following command syntax:

    namespace [namespace name]

    For example:

    namespace test
  5. Enable the volume configuration mode using the following command syntax:

    volume [volume name]

    For example:

    volume voltest
  6. To disable the CIFS oplock feature, enter the following command:

    cifs oplocks-disable
  7. Exit the channel configuration mode and return to privileged mode by typing the following command:



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