One cell to add several entries together automatically

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Hello: I am new to the community and not well versed in Excel. I have a Dell Latitude E6400; Windows 10 OS; Office 365 Excel.

    I'm using a spreadsheet taken from an online template to record my 2020 tax receipts/expenses. It has income and expense categories on the left, months of the year across the top, totals on the right and subtotals for each month on the bottom.

    Is there is a formula I can use to enter each receipt in its appropriate monthly cell and it is added automatically to any amount already entered?

    Right now, I can only enter one amount per month in the worksheet which means that I have to sort out all the receipts for each month and add them all up first, then enter the total in the worksheet.

     There are probably other things I need to understand but this is the most pressing at the moment.

Thanks for any help and clarity. P&b, shirleyld21

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@shirleyld21 Please share the template itself or a link to the download. One would expect to see a sheet within the workbook where you can enter all your items as the receipts come in. Something like this:

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 06.07.36.png

Any proper template should be able to take this kind of input and summarise it by Category and Month. If yours can't, it's no good and you need to find one that does. Or create your own. It's not all that difficult. Many of the templates you find online often look very fancy and colourful but are overly complicated, lacking functionality and are near to impossible to customise. But that's just my personal opinion.

try to use sumif and the criteria to be date