Office subscription - is my Excel local or cloud?

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I have a Microsoft 365 subscription, and all my apps say they're installed. I use Excel for tracking job contacts - to date, I have about 300 rows, and 10 columns, and not all cells are in use. 

In other words - a pretty small Excel file. Actually...a VERY small Excel file. 672 KB...not even a meg. 

When I launch it (right click from the icon, accessing recent files), it takes 12-14 seconds, at least, to launch and load the file. Now, I used an older version of Excel at my last job, I routinely had multiple-1000 row files come up MUCH faster, on a much slower machine.  What's going on? Why is my home subscription version of Excel so slow???

I keep thinking that my Excel is actually in the cloud, accessing a file locally. 

I also have URL'ed email addresses in one of the columns, not every row - is that slowing it down? 

I cannot believe that the latest/greatest version of Excel is this slow, with a puny file like this? Any suggestions? 

i5 9600 / Win10 Home / 16gb RAM / wired cable connection (NOT wifi) 

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In general, if previous version is 2010 in some scenarios it could be bit faster compare to latest 365, but not dramatically. I may only guess that in your case the reason in supporting of dynamic arrays. If in previous version it calculated current row/column (implicit intersection) now it calculates entire array defined in your formula. On the other hand if so you shall have different results compare to previous version.

Anyway, the question is bit abstract. If you could provide small sample file it'll be easier to find the reason. Abstract answer - 365 has about the same performance as previous versions, if not better, depends on with what to compare.

Is your file local or in cloud depend only where you keep it - 365 doesn't copy local file on OneDrive before opening it. 365 means only you have subscription model with apps included into the subscription, all the rest is the same.

@Sergei Baklan I really can't provide the file itself, as it contains professional, and in some cases personal, email addresses. 

But I should note - this is a static file. No formulas, no macros, no lookups...nothing calculated at all. Just data. And not very much of it. Less than 1mb. 

I keep the file stored locally. I even moved a copy to another local drive and tried opening that version. Still took 12 or more seconds. 

Thanks for trying to help. 

@DKirby58 , thanks for the clarification. If no one formula and no one PivotTable or like I have no idea what it could be. At least in my practice I see no significant delays in files loading.