Number of Tickets Per Hour of Given Day


Thanks to the wisdom of @mathetes I have almost got my puzzle solved.

I now seek the number of 'Tickets' issued for each hour of the day represented in Column C. I currently have a formula that has a static date matching 'Selected Date' giving me the total 'Tickets' for the entire day. I need Column D to show how many for each hour.

Column C formula - =SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(HOUR(DailyTransactionSht!D2:D782330),DailyTransactionSht!A2:A782330=HourlyAverageSht!C3)))


Column E formula - 

Column D formula - 



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@Phishdawg I think it will be:



where I assume C1 is the location of that date and C4 is the location of the hour



Actually had a few typos, which I've corrected.

Formula works as advertised.

Thank you!



I'm glad you got it to work. I'll pat myself on the back creating the formula without having access to the actual workbook and the only "typos" I see are C1 & C3 needed to be C3 & C6, which I totally called out in my comment
Note, I noticed you added the sheet name to the filter range but you really shouldn't need that since you don't care what you filter you just want to know how many rows.
BTW, the "better" way to do this might be
but I wasn't sure if column D was only a time value and hence this would work or if there might also be a date (even if that date value isn't shown) and hence this version wouldn't work. So again, without the actual sheet I opted for the more tolerant option.