No "Format Cells"

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Hi, First time here.

I am having an issue with: When I right click on a cell the Format Cells option is not there.

Here is what it gives me....


I don't want just number format I want This Back....


Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance....Bart2022

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@Bart2022 The first screen shot is from the on-line version. The second one is from the desktop version. They are not the same in every aspect. Don't think you can get it back in the on-line version as it probably never existed there.

As of last Tuesday it was working in the online version I came to work on Wednesday and it was not working anymore. I do see what you mean because my desktop version does still work just fine but what I would like to knowIs why did my online version all of a sudden stop letting me get to my format cells?
And thank you very much for your post hope to hear from you again

@Bart2022 I don't really work with the online version, so I was mistaken on the fact that it never existed there. Sorry about that. Can't answer the question on why it disappeared,

Even so... thank you very much for your input
If this helps we are using the file that I cannot use the format cells with on Teams as a community program.
All is good now thank you for all your responses yes it was the Online version giving me trouble and when I went to just the excel program standalone it works just fine thank you