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Hi. Got a new laptop a month ago. Windows 11. I wasn't home. Signed into my office account and opened the two spreadsheets I use on the cloud. I use one to write down water meter readings for my little community and the other to bill out individual owners. Both spreadsheets are autosaved to the cloud. 

When I looked at the water readings, labeled 2023, everything I'd put in for the last year was gone. I can recreate that one but.... 

When I looked at the one for individual owners luckily everything was up to date. But, there was no tab on the top of that version to email a sheet. When I got home and booted up the old laptop the tab was in there. I paid for Office 365 and it's supposed to be good for up to 5 devices. It's only on two old laptops.

What did I do? Help!




I see a lot of views! If someone knows what I did to lose my work that's great, but what I really need to know is how to be able to send a single sheet on the new laptop. The way the Excel worksheet displays on the new laptop is unlike the one on the old computer. It does not give me the option of sending an email and choosing to send a single sheet....or, I just can't find it!

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Can you please post a screen-shot highlighting what you are missing?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Sorry Jan! Not a tech whiz! The first shot is the old computer. It has that little mail thing which lets me choose a single sheet of the workbook. The new version lacks, or I haven't found, that little mail icon. When I try to send using the email icon the whole workbooks sends out and there is no option to send a single sheet.

Does this have anything to do with not being an activated version of Excel? Again, this is a new computer that came with the Excel version that they want me to pay for.  




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Click that tiny arrow to the right and choose more controls or something like it. Then look for that icon on the list at the left (remember to use the top drop down, set it to all items) and add it to the right
I don't see it. When I hover over the one I've got it says "send to mail recipients"
Ok! I found it and it works. Looking through everything I was starting with "send" should have been "mail" if anyone else needs it! Thanks again.