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Yesterday I did a mistake and clicked "Stop automatic adding columns" in the button of a table. Now I am not able to automatically add columns or rows to a table by writing in the next column or row. I have searched in all the settings, but I can't find the choise "Automatically add coloums/rows". How can I fix my mistake?

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With the selection inside the table, click on the Convert to Range button in the Tools section of the Table Design tab of the ribbon. Then after selecting the range required for you new table, use the Insert>Table facility again.

@Marianne_Hansen Look in Options, Proofing, Autocorrect Options...




It's the second option that affects automatic expansion of a table. The third one affects filling down formulae in a table. On a Mac, similar settings can be found under Excel, Preferences..., Tables & Filters.


This does not fix the problem. I have a table and want to add a column simply by writing a text in the next column. This used to automatically add a new column to the table, but it does not anymore. Now the text is in the next column, but outside of the table.
YES! This solved my problem! Thank you so much!

@Marianne_Hansen Great! Understandable that you don't find this as it isn't obvious that automatic table expansion options are part of Proofing / Auto Correct.