Nested Xlookup Function

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Please can someone help me amend my formula to include the type to be IN/OUT.

E.g. Factor = Loss, Client = Andrew, Type = OUT would return -2 as my current formula:


Returns -1



Any help greatly appreciated

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=INDEX($D$4:$G$5, MATCH(K4, $B$4:$B$5, 0), MATCH(1, ($D$2:$G$2=J4)*($D$3:$G$3=I4), 0))

@YLB_8001 If you want to stick with the nested XLOOKUP method, try the following:


=XLOOKUP(K4, B4:B5, XLOOKUP(1, (J4=D2:G2)*(I4=D3:G3), D4:G5))


For more information, please see: 


Another option is to use SUMIFS with XLOOKUP in the sum_range argument:


=SUMIFS(XLOOKUP(K4, B4:B5, D4:G5), D2:G2, J4, D3:G3, I4)


thank you for this Hans - very helpful
thank you djclements, this was very helpful. I am now using your Sumifs formula as this seems a lot cleaner. :)