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I have a report that is being exported from Global Shop Solutions > Crystal Reports Viewer and then into Excel.


I have 2 columns (I and J in the attached file), one of Estimated hours and anther of Actual hours.  There are a few values of negative time--a few, relative to the whole couple hundred thousand rows


Does anyone have a method for maintaining the negative value?  For instance, the top row comes in as -88.54, when it should be -88:54 (negative 88 hours and 54 minutes).


As a bonus, does anyone have a method for translating the decimal to a colon for both positive & negative in the same step?  I currently have the positive values translated accurately.  Just struggling with these negative values now.

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With the default settings, Excel cannot handle negative time.

Excel can handle time if you turn on the 1904 date system, but that will cause all dates to shift by 4 years and 1 day, so you'd have to correct that.

If you want that:

  • Select File > Options > Advanced.
  • Scroll down to the section 'When calculating this workbook'.
  • Tick the check box 'Use 1904 date system'.
  • Click OK.


To correct the dates:

  • Enter 1462 in an empty cell.
  • Select and copy that cell.
  • Select the cells with dates.
  • Right-click in the selection, then select Paste Special... from the context menu,
  • Select Subtract.
  • Click OK.
  • If necessary, format the cells as dates again.
  • Clear the cell in which you entered 1462.

To convert -88.54 etc. to time values:

  • Enter the formula =TRUNC(I2)/24+(I2-TRUNC(I2))*100/1440 in another cell in row 2, for example L2.
  • Apply the custom number format [h]:mm to this cell.
  • Fill down.