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I'm hoping somebody can help me with the attached spreadsheet please.


Why doesn't the formula in K6 return a number?


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The formula


compares IF(J6="blank",K6,0) with DAYS(J6,A6),

If they are equal, the formula will return TRUE, otherwise it will return FALSE.


Also: did you really want to check whether J6 contains the text blank? Or did you want to check whether J6 is empty?

And: IF(J6="blank",K6,0) refers to K6 itself, so if J6 does contain blank, you'll create a circular reference.


Can you explain what you wanted to accomplish?

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks for your help
I wanted the formula to check if J6 is empty then K6 and L6 would also be empty, then when a date was added to J6, K6 and L6 would then return the number of days and weeks respectively.
Hope that makes sense?

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In K2:


In L2:


Select K2 and L2, then fill down.

@Hans Vogelaar 
Thats brilliant, really appreciate your help