Need to Export VALUES instead of the FORMULA... is this possible?

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I have a large amount of information on Tab 1 in my Excel spreadsheet.    Every month I must generate a monthly report based on a subset of this data and email to someone, so I have prepared the report on a separate worksheet (Tab 2).


Because the report on Tab 2 is created by pulling information from Tab 1, it contains FORMULAS that link to the data on Tab 1.


To submit my report (Tab 2), I COPY the worksheet as a "New Book" (separate file).    But the new file contains the FORMULAS (not the VALUES), so if I email it to someone else who does not have my original worksheet, all the values will be missing.    Is there a way to copy this worksheet with the data represented by the values instead of the formulas?


Thank you!

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@DMGonzalez Once you have created your new workbook, select all cells. Copy them and paste all in in the same place as values. You'll find that option under "Paste special". This preserves all your original formats and lay-out, but all formulae will now be values.


Alternatively, print your original report (with formulae) to PDF and send the PDF file in stead.