Need help with excel

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I need help getting the correct layout from a CSV file, i have attached an example file, with one side been the CSV format, and a wanted output.


The csv goes for over 800 lines, so dont want to do it manualy.


Hope there are someone out here that can help me

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Here is an example file with two options.

Import and Export.

Only the details should be better adapted to your needs,



I would be happy to know if I could help.


I wish you continued success with Excel



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Thank you for trying to help. But might be that i was unclear, or that I dont get your to work as intendend. (i just got it to import, that part I can handle, and the export macro (not sure what its supposed to do) I dont get to work)

@Jorekstad I see you tried it with Power Query. See attached for a working example. 

How did you do this? Is it automaticly filling in from the first output into the wanted output tab?
If so thats eactly what i wanted, but need it for a bigger sheet

@Jorekstad I took your example data, made a structured Excel table of it (called Table1) and connected to it with PQ. As long as you create a table with all your data in a structured table with the same name, the query will work. But better to connect to the CSV file directly with PQ and then do your transformations. Are you familiar with PQ?

not realy, havent used excel for any thing advanced before
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@Jorekstad Perhaps start at the link below. It points to a set of articles that explain the basics. As it is explained, there's a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, "the sky is the limit". 


Thanks a lot for the help. Got it all as i wanted now with some reading on the link