Need help with conditional formatting

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As background I am trying to create a document to make it easy for employees to sign up for “split shifts”. 
My desire is that when two employees put their names in Column B and Column C that those columns automatically turn orange so that managers can quickly see who they need to approve. Once they sign their initials for approval in Column D I would like for Columns B-D to change to green so we all know the shift has been approved. 

I have tried using IFTEXT conditional formatting but have been unsuccessful. Can I get advice on how to format so that anytime B and C columns have text entered they turn orange and once D is also filled in they all turn green? 


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Suppose you want to apply the conditional formatting to the range B4:C20 then select the range B4:C20 and make the new conditional formatting rules using the formulas given below...


For Orange:



For Green:


Thank you that worked perfectly!!

You're welcome @Sara1713! Glad it worked as desired.