need help on a formula

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I am trying to use the response in one cell to react to the status for possible employees that spans multiple cells and move those responses to another worksheet within the same book.

For example, if the status cell indicates someone is active, then their data line gets copied from the "in progress" sheet and is moved to the "ready to schedule" sheet. There would actually be two variable cells to determine where the line would be moved at the appropriate time, one would be the "Status" cell, and the other would be the "Trade" cell.

Can anyone instruct me on how to accomplish this? This would be in Excel online in the final application.

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Hi Dan, I'm not quite sure I understand everything. If you want to move something somewhere, you would have to do it manually. Otherwise you can only do it via macros.

What I would suggest is to collect your data in a sheet and then display the data you want in "ready to schedule". You can use the FILTER() function for this.

I have created a small example file for you. Have a look at it and try to solve your task this way.




Thank You that may work, I will work on it and see if I can make it work.