Name manager missing from Excel for Mac

New Contributor says that name manager is available for Excel for Mac from 16.58, I have 16.62 and it's not there (and pressing Define Name opens the Define Name dialog, not the Name Manager dialog). A colleague of mine also has Excel for Mac 16.62 and in the Formulas tab there's a large Name Manager button to the left of Define Name and Create from Selection.


I've tried customising the buttons in the ribbon but Name Manager isn't anywhere to be found. Anyone know how to make it work?



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@asdfaklsfjasdlkf  Check your license type. It must be subscription to have this feature. Use the Menu Bar and choose Excel > About Excel to display your version. If your install is managed by an IT department, ask them if the have a delay on new features in place.

When I go do Excel > About Excel it says Licence: Microsoft 365 Subscription



Hi again


Thanks for replying. Try clicking on the idea light bulb and type Name Manager. Does it appear on the menu? If yes, select it.


Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 2.14.42 PM.png

Thanks for the screen shots. It looks like you should have the Name Manager unless your subscription license (is it academic?) prohibits you from having it. Use the Help menu and send Feedback > I Don't Like Something to Microsoft to alert them to this situation.