Multiple pivot charts from single pivot table

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Hi Team,


I’m trying to create 2 different charts with different fields from a single pivot table where I have all the required fields for the 2 charts.


I tried applying filter and removing irrelevant fields from the charts, but it’s directly impacting the underlying pivot table and the other chart. 

sample data:


date | category | sub_category | value

2024-01-01 | A | sub1 | 10

2024-01-01 | A | sub2 | 15

2024-01-01 | B | sub1 | 20

2024-01-01 | B | sub2 | 10

2024-01-02 | A | sub1 | 12

2024-01-02 | A | sub2 | 23

2024-01-02 | B | sub1 | 28

2024-01-02 | B | sub2 | 30


from this data, I want to create a pivot table and 2 different charts out of the table:

1. Chart1 should be the comparison of  ‘category’ in 2024-01-02 (it should not have details of specific ‘subcategories’

2. Chart2 should be the performance of ‘subcategories’ over the time (similarly it shouldn’t have details of specific ‘categories’)


any help would be appreciated!

thank you in advance!

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As you have found, there is a one-to-one link between a pivot table and any associated pivot chart.

So you'll have to create two independent pivot tables from the same source data, and then create a pivot chart from each of them.

See for example How do I “separate” Pivot Tables or Group Two Excel Pivot Tables Independently