Moving row following section to new sheet

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I'm really new to spreadsheets and i have been asked to set up one for a patient clinic list.


Is there a way to move a row to a new sheet once a selection has been made from a drop down box?


I have created a drop down box of months Jan-Dec and would like to choose one and that row of information automatically go to the relevant sheet i.e. choose June from drop down and it goes into the June sheet.


Thank you

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It's possible.


Next question: Is it the right solution to whatever it is that you're doing? Not necessarily.


It sounds like you think it makes sense to have a different sheet (or tab) for each month. There may be some circumstances where that would be the right thing, but could we take you--as a person admittedly new to spreadsheets--back to the beginning?


WHAT exactly is the functionality that you've been asked to set up? What purpose is being served? The more completely you could describe that, the more helpful we could be.


In general--and the reason I'm asking these questions--the more you can build a database as a single table of information (covering all months, all transactions, all patients (clients, customers, vendors), the more you can take advantage of Excel's abilities to produce summary reports, including reports by month. In other words, instead of physically breaking the raw data into sheets by month keep the raw data all in one place; then report on it in whatever fashion....that's FAR easier to do if the data are all in one place.


And if you've already started to create your spreadsheet(s), if you could upload a sample of what you've done, that would help flesh out any description you provide.