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I just discovered VBAs, I know where to place them, but I need assistance putting them into effect. I also need assistance creating a code that would allow me to move entire rows to another sheet within the same workbook depending on the drop-down option selected. For my example, once I have applied, interviewed, been selected or not for a position-I would like to update my excel sheet under "Decision".  Based on my selection it would move the entire row to a new sheet like the ones circled at the bottom. I have attached an image below for reference. 


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Do you want a key words picker?
Do you mean when you select one word option from the drop down then a row will be selected to fill another sheet?


Thank you for responding!


Not really, I would like for the row to move to the respective sheet when selected from the drop down. The drop down items are the name of the sheets I would like them to go to.


That effort will be similar to the effort discussed in the posting Auto move row to different sheet after entering completion date.  Of course, your code will have differences:

  • Rather than examining column D, your code will examine column C.
  • Your code will need to ignore rows where column C was changed to an empty string (in case that could happen), but will not include code to do date validation.
  • Rather than moving the row to a worksheet named "Completed", your code will move it to the worksheet whose name is stored in column C (and copied into the variable vntStoredValue).


As to vba,please refer to SnowMan55's post.

Because it is not easy auto generate drop down input box, try this online tool which may help to re-categorize all rows.