Mouse (or keyboard) to scroll 1 row at a time? But with always keeping edited row as the first row.

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Super glad to learn of this community!

Is there a way I can use my mouse's scroll wheel to jump one row at a time instead of three? Up to this point I have been using the scroll bar on the right, but doing this all day long really adds up. 


I know I can also use my keyboard arrow keys. However, the situation I'd like to keep consistent is keeping the top row as my main row to view/edit. (I hope that makes sense.) 

Thanks for any advice/input for this post.

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My IT guy showed me how to do this!
1. Type in Mouse settings in main PC search window, lower left
2. Click Additional mouse options (top right)
3. Mouse Properties window appears with various tabs
4. Choose WHEEL tab
5. Vertical Scrolling and Horizonal Scrolling options appear
6. I changed "The following number of lines at a time:" from 3 to 1

Interesting to learn that some computer mice have horizontal scroll wheel options. I didn't know that, so I learned two new things today! : )