Money in Excel account balance question

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Hello all,

We're relatively NEW to using Excel to manage our personal expenses.  We've use other pieces of software like Quicken and Quick Books.   However, we wanted to use Money in Excel because of how customizable Excel can be.   We've been able to import most of our banking and account data.... at least those that have Plaid integration.  However, we'd like to break the transactions out into different sheets based upon account.   We've been able to do that using a very basic pivot table, but it's not quite cutting the mustard.   Our question boils down to this:  We see the balance of each account in the Money in Excel tool bar, however, we cannot get this data to display within the individual sheets we've created.  How can we create an individual page for each account we've imported into Money in Excel to also show the Balance that is displayed in that Money in Excel window?   Transaction history is great, but we'd like to see the balance of the account too.

Thank you in advance.

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