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I'm using the "Family Event Calendar" excel template, and I would like to modify it to have a start and end date and highlight the days in between on the monthly tabs associated with the date. I don't know how to add the formulas without messing up all the existing formulas/rules.

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There are SO MANY templates for calendars, could I ask you to post a copy of the actual template you're working with, so we who would like to help don't have to take time to search and possibly find a different one anyway.


At the same time, I'm going to send a link to your post to somebody in Microsoft who has some responsibility for templates...if it's an official Excel template, somebody there might be able to help.


In general, though, I'd just make the observation that the templates often serve more to get you started and show what's possible, but they can be hard to modify...


It depends on which version of Excel you are. If 365 that will be bit easier. In any case you need to add another column and use Start/End columns instead of Day. Instead of VLOOKUP that could be INDEX/MATCH/INDEX.

Better with sample, if you generate Start/End

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I guess we speak about one from File->New. If third party template, yes, that could be lot of them.

I didn't find one by that name in the FIle...New set.... but could be from the microsoft website. In any event, I did send a link to the question to the Microsoft Template person.

Thanks! I didn't realize there were templates you could SEARCH for. And a host of them. Useful to know, although I still am skeptical of their real value, if only because of precisely the difficulty that this thread is revealing==they're great in what they are designed to deliver, but almost invariably very difficult to modify by the very population that is most inclined to use them.

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Thank you for your willingness to help. I apologize for the delayed response but I have attached the file that I am working with. Just to give an example,there is a tradeshow in Paris June 19-25. I can't figure out the correct formula to have the start date and end date highlighted on the June tab.



If I were in your shoes, this is a case where--devoted to Excel though I am--I'd use something else. Excel is powerful, but it's not at its best in some tasks, even if it could be coached and coaxed and tweaked into accomplishing it.


The thing you're trying to do is a breeze in my Mac's built-in calendar software. Unless I'm mistaken, it would be in MIcrosoft Outlook, Google calendar, and so on. There are also calendar templates in Word and PowerPoint: I just looked at them, and probably would find one of the Word templates easier to use for your purpose here, with making various highlights for industry shows during the year. A lot more variety is possible with colors, text... You would have to put the show into each date manually....


This template isn't built for multiple day events; it's mainly (in my humble opinion) something great for entering family birthdates, and the like...not as a planner for industry events.

Thank you for your suggestions and assistance. I'll look into using something else.